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Monica bellucci nude

Italian actress, Monica Bellucci fell to Earth on September 30, 1964. She was born and raised in a small village in Umbria, Italy. Although she entered Perugia University intending to study law, she soon left school to pursue a modeling career. She had taken several jobs modeling for European magazines to support herself through school. The excitement and financially lucrative lure of the modeling field soon beckoned her away from law school, and she dropped out to pose full time.

She soon became known as a top fashion model throughout Europe. She worked in Paris, Milan, London and New York for the Elite Modeling Agency. She made her switch from modeling to acting after taking acting classes in Milan. Her first major motion film came in 1990 with her role in Vita Coi Figli and then the film Briganti. In 1991 she had a part in the film La Riffa. In 1992 she moved to the US film market with her part in Bram Stoker's Dracula with Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder. She appeared in many films following these experience building roles.

In 1996 she won a French Cesar nomination for her part in L'Appartment. She was praised by critics for her acting in this film. She also starred in several American films, most notably The Passion of The Christ, Under Suspicion, Tears of the Sun, The Matrix, Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Her role in Malena in 2000 shot her to super stardom in Europe. It won rave critical reviews and ensured her place in the high ranks of fine Italian actresses.

Men the world over, including European men and American men admire her sultry beauty, earthy persona, and her obvious intelligence. Not to mention her sexy Italian accent. She speaks fluent French and English in addition to her native Italian.

We'd like to say that Monica Bellucci is just a woman, but we would be lying. She is not a mortal woman; she is a cruel joke from Mother Nature with the sole purpose of driving men of all ages to the point of insanity. How can anyone be so beautiful? Why are perfect women like Monica rarer than a Chicago Cubs World Series title?

Alas, my friends, there are no answers. All we can do is enjoy the sight of a woman as irresistible as Monica Bellucci, and hope that the gods will be kind to mere mortals like us and give us more Monicas -- except those with "Lewinsky" as a last name. Lame joke, yes, but we can't help but be lame at the thought of Monica Bellucci. Even her name evokes beauty. We are weak, lame men because of her.

personality & tallent Let's be honest; you're not here to learn about her personality or talent, you want more pictures of Monica. Fine, we will oblige, but know this -- this beauty has brains.

Formerly a law student, Bellucci worked as a model to earn extra money, and we're thankful for that because her beauty would have been wasted in a courtroom. She is also a master at languages, as she is fluent in French and speaks English with only a slight trace of an American accent. She even pulled off Aramaic and Hebrew quite impressively, as Mary Magdalene in The Passion of the Christ (even though she barely speaks at all).
Monica Bellucci's acting talent has garnered her many accolades, especially for her work in L'Appartement, Malena and Irreversible.

sexinessCan we say mamma mia 500 times? She is yet another Italian bombshell made from the same mold that produced Italian heart-attack-inducing star -- Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

At 5'10", she has the body of a goddess, the hair of a princess, and the lips of a siren. See? She has even managed to turn us into pathetic poets.

accomplishments & fameWith over 20 movies to her credit, she isn't a newcomer to the film industry, but it took more than a decade of working in Italian and French cinema for Bellucci to capture the world by storm.

Monica Bellucci started off as a model for fashion houses like D&G after moving to Milan, but then the acting bug bit her.

In Italy, she can't buy a Big Mac without causing a commotion. And now, with roles in films like Tears of the Sun, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and The Passion of the Christ, North Americans can get a taste of what Europe has been in love with for years.

In 2004, she can add The Brothers Grimm and She Hate Me (a Spike Lee Joint) to her resume.

Monica is, in our humble opinion, beauty exemplified, and without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world. And her top spot in's 99 Most Desirable Women in the World (2002) is further proof of that. She leaves us speechless, and only seeing Pamela Anderson turn into a nun could do that.

Her classic good looks are matched by an equally sophisticated and refined fashion sense. Being a European woman, Monica Bellucci knows how a real woman should dress, and always steps out in elegant gowns and haute couture suits. You wouldn't catch her in a Juicy sweatsuit or ripped jeans, even if she were just lounging around at home.

in my own opinion : surely, monica belucci is one of the most beautiful woman on earth, she's not just pretty but also damn sexy with her big natural breast and at 5,10" height..(how could u not say it georgeous??). she also has a great personality,one i noticed, is her willing to expose her nudity as a part of art and emotional touch.
thus, heres i bring you some of her movie archive, which is contain the sexiest part of her films record, including clip from la riffa, irreversible and malena unrated

Monica Bellucci of The Matrix Reloaded fame giving us a nice long look at her wonderful breasts as she lays topless in bed with a guy and they roll around a bit. Hi-res DVD capture from Irreversible.

Monica Bellucci having a guy pull off her bra so that she's fully nude, giving us a good look at her breasts and bush while standing naked in front of him. Hi-res DVD capture from the uncut version of Malèna.

Monica Bellucci pulling down her dress to go topless as she leans over a bowl and begins to wash her breasts with water and lemon juice. Hi-res DVD capture from the uncut version of Malèna.

Monica Bellucci topless as a guy feasts on her bare breasts while undressing her, and then begins to have sex with her after they move to the bedroom. Hi-res DVD capture from the uncut version of Malèna.
last but not least, then i suggest you to buy the movie to see by your own eyes,because in my opinion this movie(irreversible&malena unrated) is extremely hot!=)


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